How We've Made Transmed Foods Olives The Choice of Professionals

So much more than the world’s tastiest olives goes into every one of our packages. It takes the work of dedicated people involved in planning, manufacturing, packaging, shipping, storing and delivering to make it possible for you to use our products in your operations.

Investing in Quality

In fact we have invested significantly in and guarantee a level of quality unmatched by any other manufacturer in regard to our products, process controls and food safety compliance.

When the Food Safety Modernization Act was signed in 2011, our factory in Morocco became the world’s first olive manufacturing facility to initiate an inspection program under the FDA’s Foreign Supplier Verification Program. Transmed Foods’ customers can rely on us to follow food safety standards equivalent to those that apply to US manufacturers.

Customer Focused Sales Team

Because all we sell are olives, our sales professionals are not only courteous and friendly, they are aware of and responsive to the requirements of your business.

  • One dedicated sales representative for each customer
  • Backup service team including logistics, factory oversight, and customer service
  • Sampling to ensure your specifications are met
  • Custom packaging
  • Flexibility on payment terms

Comprehensive Logistics Management

Moving olives from the Mediterranean to your loading dock requires mastery of all aspects of shipment and delivery.

  • Continuous optimization of freight schedules
  • Most cost-effective ocean freight service from North Africa (rates no competitor can match)
  • Comprehensive distribution network serving all of North America
  • Warehousing services
  • Palletizing of common products
  • Direct delivery of containers to factories and distribution centers
  • Freight forwarding services
  • Customs clearance services
  • USDA inspections (at our facilities or yours)

The Certifications You Demand

To ensure the quality and suitability of our products for your purposes, we maintain a number of recognized certifications.

Our Expertise Makes Us More Than Just An Importer

We know our fields, our factory and our inspection and safety protocols on a level commodity traders simply cannot match.

Most importers lack deep relationships to the factories and growers that produce their products. But when it comes to knowledge of manufacturing processes, food safety controls and certifications, even of our growers’ fields, no other importer or distributor offers a deeper understanding than Transmed Foods. And we have made traceability a priority so that in many cases we can place a product into a specific field at a specific date.

How can we serve you?

If you have specific questions or issues that might affect your ability to choose Transmed Foods as your olive vendor, or if you just want to open a dialog, we would be happy to hear from you!

Please reach out to us. We will work hard to earn your business!

Why choose transmed foods?

Transmed Foods offers a set of benefits no one else can come close to matching:

  • Olives and the olive trade are our sole activity.
  • Our closely knit staff is small, personal, and highly involved with every order.
  • Through ownership of our own factory, we are able to guarantee and meet our delivery commitments.
  • We have four dedicated logistics managers handling shipping and inspections to ensure seamless and efficient delivery.
  • We produce packaging to your specifications and, if desired, using your artwork.
  • Direct container shipments to your factory or distribution center.
  • Warehousing for customers who require periodic drawdowns.
  • We provide a range of payment terms to meet your needs.
  • We maintain multiple certifications to ensure quality and suitability.

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