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Transmed Foods is the US distribution arm of the Crespo Group, one of the world’s most prestigious and successful olive companies. Founded by the Crespo family, Crespo Group has a legacy in the Mediterranean food business dating to the early 20th century.

A love affair with olives one century in the making

The legendary success of our founders, brothers Henri and Antoine Crespo, was based on two passions: delivering the finest quality of olives and providing the highest levels of customer service possible. Their family began selling Mediterranean food products in the early 20th century and, narrowing its focus to olives in the 1950’s, continues to run what has become a global business to this day.

The Crespo retail brand identity is highly valued in major markets around the world

Crespo Group’s premium retail brand bears the founders’ name. Today, Crespo branded retail packaging is ubiquitous in 40 countries, enjoying market leadership in olive-loving countries across Europe and the UK.

This success was no accident; it was earned through decades of work developing relationships with major agricultural entities, including the principal producers in Morocco, and building factories from North Africa to Spain.

Leading the North American Wholesale Market

As the exclusive distributor of Crespo Group product in the US market since 1987, and with domestic warehousing and deliveries to distribution centers across the country, we move over 60,000 tons of product annually.

That makes us one of America’s largest olive distributors, and the market leader in Moroccan-grown Beldi olives, known to chefs and connoisseurs the world over as one of the richest and tastiest varieties available.

If the taste and experience of eating a quality olive moves you, and the use of the best possible olives is important to your success, let us know how we can help make Transmed Foods your supplier of choice!

What makes Transmed Foods different?

Consider these benefits when choosing your olive vendor.

  • We will customize labels and packaging as needed.
  • We manage shipping logistics and will oversee USDA inspections at our facility or yours.
  • In addition to direct container deliveries, we offer pallets of specific standard products.
  • Customers may choose to warehouse with us and draw down as needed.
  • Payment terms are offered to assist our customers.
  • Multiple quality and process certifications.
  • We focus exclusively on Beldi olives from Morocco. No one knows them better than us.
  • We work on production scheduling at our own factory, giving you confidence in, and control over, your deliveries.
  • Your dedicated sales representative is backed by a professional service team.

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