One olive.
Infinite product possibilities!

The Beldi olive is one of the richest, meatiest olive cultivars. 
Besides its taste, you will appreciate all the things we can do with it!

Olives To Your Order

Whole, pitted, sliced, wedged, stuffed. Packed to your specifications in jars, pouches, cans or drums. Our labels or your labels, one language or more. The choices are endless, all driven by your needs!

That includes custom manufacturing to pack in your specified oils, control brine levels, eliminate specific chemicals from our recipes, and address other issues that may arise.

This intuitive filter lets you sort by our standard options. If your needs differ, please let us help you locate the products you need.

Standard Products

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Transmed Foods: The olive partner of choice.

Here is what makes us different.

  • Our focus on olives means we know the olive business like no one else.
  • Don’t take risks with a key ingredient like olives. Transmed Food’s participation in our factory’s scheduling puts you in charge.
  • Our tightly-knit US staff of dedicated professionals allows you to rely on personal relationships with people who back each other up.
  • We will free you from the details of logistics management, customs clearance and USDA inspections.
  • We ship containers of olives direct to your facility.
  • Take delivery all at once or draw down inventory stored in our warehouses.
  • Terms of payment are flexible.
  • To ensure suitability of our product for your uses, we maintain many recognized certifications.
  • We will customize our packaging to meet your needs.

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