We serve four distinct
market segments

With hundreds of thousands of tons delivered over time to our US customers, we understand that different types of businesses have different needs. If this description of our markets tells you we could be an asset to your business, please reach out to one of our market experts.

Importers & Distributors

Trusted for product quality and branded packaging.

We are trusted by food importers across the US market, including some of the largest. They purchase our olives for use in their consumer product lines, as value-added ingredients in the manufacture of other products, and for further distribution to their wholesale and retail customers.

Shipping more olives from Morocco to the US market than any other wholesaler allows us to maintain efficient and reliable shipping costs and schedules.

As an importer, you may want your own brand on the packaging. We will print labels, pouches and boxes from your artwork using experienced and trusted vendors located close to our factory.

Food Manufacturers

Reliable delivery of key ingredients.

Olives are a key ingredient in many manufactured food products. Our customers use them in sauces, soups, spreads, frozen pizza recipes and many other products sold for consumer or institutional distribution.

Food manufacturers require larger unit packs than other sectors. Pallets of four 55 gallon drums are common.

Manufacturing logistics teams require the coordinated receipt of multiple ingredients when scheduling production. A paramount concern is reliable delivery by each vendor. Our control over production scheduling in our factory is one reason manufacturers choose Transmed Foods again and again for their imported olives!

Restaurant Chains

Product innovation. Logistical excellence.

In the pizza and sandwich industry, the volume and logistics requirements of our domestic and international restaurant customers set a high bar for performance. It is a standard we’ve helped to pioneer over decades of service to these companies and others.

In fact, we invented the food service pouch in response to worker safety and logistics issues our customers had with standard rigid packaging in the late 1990’s. Other olive companies were happy with the status quo, but they’ve had to adopt our packaging innovation to keep up with customer requirements.

Labeling, often multi-lingual, with critical branding and instructions for use must be carefully executed. Pouches packed in cases are a standard product form invented by Transmed Foods.

We know the issues that are important to you in negotiating the purchase of olives, often over an extended period of time. You should know that fulfilling orders initiated by distribution centers is routine for us. Our success in this area comes from a thorough understanding of their purchasing and warehousing needs.

Retail Chains

Private label or our international brand.

Olives sold to consumers in cans, jars and pouches are an important retail category, valued at over $350 million in US sales.

For grocers selling their own brands of olives, Transmed Foods provides a full-service manufacturing and packaging operation that delivers to your specifications. We will print labels or pouches from your approved artwork, performing quality control and oversight to maintain your brand equity.

We invented the retail olive pouch, a product form that has since become an industry standard. We offer pouches at competitive prices, under the Crespo brand or your own grocery label, to slot into your planogram at a competitive price.

Reasons to choose us for your next olive contract.

Benefits that make a difference include:

  • All we sell is olives. Customers managing their supply of olive products rely on our market-leading expertise.
  • We meet regularly with our factory’s production schedulers, which means you minimize risks with the delivery of key ingredients.
  • You will enjoy working with our small, customer‑oriented staff.
  • Customization where needed: your labels, your specifications on packaging.
  • Our logistics team handles shipping, customs clearance and any required inspections.
  • With our Direct Delivery Program, we will ship containers from the factory to your loading dock.
  • We provide warehousing for customer pickups.
  • We will work with you on payment terms.
  • Internationally recognized certifications assure the quality and suitability of our products.

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