Innovation in Pouch Packaging: Transmed Foods Leads the Way

Today, pouches packed with olives are ubiquitous in the commercial and retail market sectors, but this wasn’t always the case. The innovative technology, which has now largely displaced traditional cans and jars, required someone to think outside the box. That someone was Transmed Foods, who was the first to recognize that pouches offered a number of key advantages.

To better serve its customers, Transmed Foods developed pouches as a means of reducing the volume of its finished goods compared to equivalent cans and jars. The resulting decreases in shipping and storage costs would improve Transmed’s competitive position AND enable them to pass along benefits to customers.

Additionally, the lack of sharp metal edges, which had been considered an unavoidable safety hazard, meant pouches would reduce worker injuries along with associated costs and production line delays.

Finally, Transmed Foods knew that the production and transportation of pouches offered significant savings in energy use and CO2 footprint, providing benefits not only in cost but also for the environment.

However, bringing these advantages to the market required significant investment, not only in plant and equipment, but in overcoming key manufacturing and technical hurdles along the way.

Nevertheless, in the early 1990’s, Transmed succeeded in introducing the industry’s first commercial pouch packaging, passing along key advantages, initially to its customers in the fast food sector, and ultimately to institutional customers and food manufacturers as well.

Again, in the early 2000’s, Transmed shipped the world’s first retail olive pouches, introducing grocery customers to a product form that is now a common and highly demanded shelf item.

Within 10 years of Transmed’s innovations, demand at both the industrial and retail levels required most significant competitors to copy the technology. Transmed is proud to have been the leader of this movement, just the latest of many firsts over Transmed Food’s successful history in the olive sector.