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A century of expertise goes into every package of olives we sell

Chefs, commercial purchasers and food technologists know that olives are serious business. If you purchase or develop purchase specifications for olives, you need to know that Transmed Foods, Inc. is a US market leader with a single and solitary focus: Moroccan-grown Beldi olives.

Customers rely on the expertise and personal attention of our tightly knit professional staff. Every one of us knows the olive business. Source from Transmed Foods, and your dedicated sales representative will be supported by by this service team, following each order from inquiry to delivery.

Rich, Luscious Olives...

Whole, pitted, sliced, wedged or stuffed, no matter what your product form or packaging requirements are, our factory is equipped to fill your order for Moroccan-grown Beldi olives!

Because we source from fields under our own control, delivery commitments are more reliable than those of vendors dependent on coops.

Click here for a list of standard products on offer and let us know of any needs that require special attention.

...Prepared to Your Market Needs

Transmed Foods serves US importers & distributors, food manufacturers, restaurant chains and retail chains.

We know the unique challenges buyers face in each of these sectors and we have helped customers like you obtain a reliable and competitively priced supply of Beldi olives since 1987.

Why Choose Transmed Foods?

Transmed Foods offers a set of benefits no one else can come close to matching.

  • All we sell is olives. We know the business like no one else.
  • We work directly with our factory on production schedules, which means you minimize risks with the delivery of key ingredients.
  • You will be delighted by the level of service and follow-up you receive from your dedicated sales representative.
  • Customization where needed: your labels, your specifications on packaging and products.
  • Logistics management, customs clearance and USDA inspections.
  • Direct container deliveries.
  • Warehousing for customer pickups.
  • Flexible payment terms to meet your needs.
  • We maintain multiple certifications for quality and processes.

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